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The institution’s Nephrology Unit is one of the best in the country; it offers both Haemodialysis and Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis, the later introduced in September, 1992. With the collaboration of the Renal Unit of the Manchester Royal Infirmary, U.K. and the Nephrology Unit of the University of Cairo, Egypt. The institution has been training health care personnel for its kidney centre. A new kidney ward was opened in September, 1992.

The ultimate objective is to develop a kidney centre with comprehensive services which will include Kidney Transplantation. This is a great challenge to management. Already the Federal Government had designated Obafemi Awolowo Teaching Hospitals Complex as Centre for Renal (Kidney) care. All the sub specialist, Nephrologist, Tissue Typing Officer, Renal Nurses, Renal Radiologist, Pathologist, Transplant surgeons were trained overseas in Manchester and Egypt to meet the challenges.

Modern sophisticated diagnostic, haemodialysis and CAPD equipment give finest and accurate result in the management and treatment to kidney patients. The ultimate in renal replacement therapy is the kidney transplant. This hospital started to perform kidney transplantation from June, 2002. it has become routine procedure and all Nigerians are enjoined to take advantage of this highly specialized health care provisions.


At the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex, Ile-Ife, laparoscopic surgery for general surgical conditions was commenced in 2008. The facilities were acquired over time and expertise were developed such that from early 2010, laparoscopic surgery is routinely performed in the hospital. We made a number of improvisations and local adaptations that enabled us to sustain the development and practice of laparoscopic surgery in our hospital. Two hundred  patients including children have been successfully operated for general surgical abdominal conditions. These include operations for removal of diseased gallbladders and appendix, biopsies of abdominal cancers, diagnosis of different conditions in the abdomen. We equally have facilities to perform laparoscopic colon cancer and inguinal hernia surgeries. Laparoscopic procedures are now available for patients with gynaecological conditions as well. For more   CLICK HERE: LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY IN OAUTHC, ILE-IFE


Presently, both diagnostic and operative gynaecological laparoscopy procedures are routine in OAUTHC. Our laparoscopy costs less than 10% of what it costs in private hospitals. This has been made possible by the hospital management’s magnanimous decision to waive all the extra costs in order to make laparoscopy more affordable. For more   CLICK HERE: GYNAECOLOGICAL LAPAROSCOPY IN OAUTHC, ILE-IFE


Our unit at Ilesa has provided a model for Child Care services throughout Africa. It is associated in particular with Professor David Morley, pioneer of Child Care in Nigeria. We also have comprehensive Child Care facilities in Ile-Ife.


There is a very strong cardiology unit, with the very advanced diagnostic facilities which include echocardiography and treadmill electrocardiography.


Our equipment is among the best in Nigeria, and includes C.T. Scan, Doppler Ultrasound Scanner and MRI.


We have a complete set of working gastro-intestinal endoscopes. The consultant in-charge is one of the most experienced in the country, who had been able to train many consultant endoscopes and nurses from other institution.


The Paediatric Surgery Unit which was established in 1982 continues to provide high quality services which include Siamese Twin Separation in years 2002 and 2003.


The situation of the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex in an area with one of the highest accident rates in the country has stimulated the development of orthopaedic Surgical facilities in the institution.

The two units at lle-ife and llesa are among the most active in the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex and provide most modern techniques including various forms of fixation, prosthetics and bone grafting.


This specialty is accorded the status of a full-fledged department. The department is currently conducting a major research study on AIDS and its causative virus and in linkage programmes with other institutions in the USA.


Our Physiotherapy Department provides qualitative medical rehabilitative services to patients from all walks of life. The department has also developed a community Physiotherapy service based at Urban Comprehensive Health Centre, Ile-Ife.

The department is well equipped with modern facilities like short-wave diathermy, curapuls 970, electrostimulator-endomed 582D to mention just a few.


Modern sophisticated automated laboratory equipment in all the units take care of the laboratory services in the institution. Microbiological and chemical analysis equipment, specialized microtomes; microscopes and New Body morgues. A well organized Laboratory Revolving Fund gives effective and efficient consumables and services to our clients. Training of laboratory scientists also enhances the quality of laboratory scientists manpower development for the country which the school of medical Laboratory Services is able to provide.


A 24 -hour pharmacy services with a well developed and well articulated Drug Revolving Fund Scheme gives our patient drugs and consumables produced in this institution. All the essential and important drugs are available and thereby every time of the day patient get quality affordable drugs and consumables for their treatment.


This teaching hospital is actively involved in the Nigerian baby-friendly imitative which was launched by the Honourable Minister of Health in July 1992. Thus, Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex, Ile Ife was designated as baby Friendly and also a training centre in breast feeding and lactation management. Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex is the headquarter of the B Zone which is the leading zone all the way in the country.


The institution maintains the Dental Hospital at Obafemi Awolowo University Ile Ife. This centre provides qualitative health care in terms of training, research and excellent dental care.


From the inception of the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex, Primary Health Care and Community Health Care have been high priority, in accordance with the National Health Policy. These services are provided through the following outlets:

  • The Urban Comprehensive Health Centre, Ile Ife
  • The Rural Comprehensive Health Centre, Imesi Ile
  • The Community Health Unit at the Wesley Guild Hospital, Ilesa, The “Multipurpose” Health Centre, Ilesa
  • General Out Patients Department at Ife HospitalUnit, Ile-Ife and Wesley Guild Hospital, Ilesa

Through these facilities, the institution is striving to provide all components of Primary health Care to the people of the Ife/Ijesa Zone.


The institution has the following training programmes for the production of specialized health manpower.

  • Clinical training (in collaboration with OAU under-Graduate Medical Training)
  • School of Medical Laboratory Technology.
  • School of Health Records and Bio-Statistic (School of Heath Information Management)
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Midwifery.
  • Community Health Officers Training Programme
  • Residency Training Programme (Postgraduate Medical Training)
  • School of Peri-Operative Nursing
  • Plaster Technique Training School.
  • Dark Room Technician Programme.