Welcome to Radiology Department

In Radiology Department a number of diagnostic imaging modalities are available such as:

Convectional examinations e.g. chest x-ray etc. by making use of convectional x-ray equipment also convectional contrast medium procedures e.g. IVU, HSG and cysto-urethrography.

Ultrasonogrpahy of various human organs e.g. obstetrics? Cyesis and Doppler examinations by making use of ultrasound machine.

Computerized tomographic equipment is also available to carry out Brain Scan, Abdominal Scan and Other human Organs Examinations, with the addition of C.T Angiography.

Fluoroscopy equipment is also available to aid diagnosis of human Gastro intestinal tract e.g. Barium Swallow, Barium meel and Barium enema.

So also there is the availability of mammographic equipment for comprehensive examination of the breast.

Presently the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment is under installation. When completed this will add to the number of imaging modalities available to us.

Adediran A. A.
Asst. Director (Radiography)