Director, Clinical Services and Training

Prif Adejuyigbe The office of the Chairman, Medical Advisory Committeecoordinates the acitivies of the hospital's training schools/programmes and the clinical departments. the office ensures that the conditions set up by the bodies respnsible for the certification of paramedical personnel trained by the hospital are met. It handles the training condition of resident doctors with the active assistance/collaboration of the Chairman, Postgraduate Medical Training Committee. It is the duty of the Chairman, Medical advisory Committee's office to ensure that all patients visiting the hospital are given adequate, prompt and proper attention.

It serves as the link between the hospital and the outside world on clinical, traininh and patient-care matters.

The Directorate of Clinical Services and Training is the administrative arm headed by the Chairman, Medical Advisory Committee. The Directorate oversees all clinical services and training rendered by the hospital and also supervises all clinical departments/unit.


The staffing position of the Chairman, Medical advisory Committee's office as at October, 2010 is as follows:

  • Dr. J. K. Olabanji - Chairman, Medical Advisory Committee
  • Mrs. R. O. Ayodeji - Senior Executive Officer
  • Mrs. E. O. Onifade - Chief seceretarial Assistant
  • Mr. O. A. Oyebode - Clerical Officer I


The Directorate has the under-listed schools and training programmes under it:

  1. Schools of Nursing, Midwifery and Peri-operative Nursing.
  2. The Residency Training Programme.
  3. School of Health Information Management.
  4. Community Health Officers’ Training Programme.
  5. Darkroom Technicians and Assistants Course.


The Directorate also has the following departments under it through which all clinical services are carried out:

  1. All clinical departments (Medical and Dental)
  2. Pharmacy services
  3. Nursing services
  4. Physiotherapy
  5. Community Health Nursing services
  6. Laboratory services
  7. General Out Patient Department (G.O.P.D)
  8. Medical Social Work
  9. Environmental Health


The Directorate staff (as at October, 2010)

  1. Mr. M.O. Adeyeye         –     Head of Department
  2. Mrs. F.O. Adefisayo     –     Administrative Officer I
  3. Mrs. C.B. Akintunde    –     Administrative Officer II
  4. Miss O.M. Fasoto        –     Administrative Officer II
  5. Mr. A.R. Durodola        –     Senior Executive Officer
  6. Mr. A.O. Orabiyi            –     Senior Executive Officer
  7. Mrs. V.A. Ayilara           –     Senior Executive Officer
  8. Mrs. A.R. Afolabi          –    Higher Executive Officer
  9. Mrs. I.A. Fasanya         –    Higher Executive Officer
  10. Mrs. C.A. Eluyefa          –  Confidental Secretary
  11. Mr. O.J. Adeyemi          –   Chief Secretarial Assistant
  12. Mrs. F.O. Adewuyi        –   Chief Secretarial Assistant
  13. Mr. D. Oladipo              –    Clerical Officer