Nursing Education is an arm of Nursing Department of the institution charged with the responsibility of producing the health manpower needed in Nursing Services through training using appropriate national and international professional standards. The Unit aims at teaching the Student Nurses, Student Midwives and Perioperative Nursing Students to become professionals. Nurses who will be able to compete well and excel among other professionals globally.

Our Schools enjoy full support of the Management of Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals complex which placed the Schools among the top-ranking Schools in Nigeria with excellent results in various examinations especially the Final Qualifying Examinations. It is quite remarkable that our Schools are among the most peaceful Schools in country. Both staff and students are organized into harmonious and functional groups, and association, each making strenuous efforts towards the ultimate successful attainment of the goals and objectives of the Schools.


To be a centre of excellence in training, academically sound and polyvalent Nurses who will uphold Quality Nursing Practice


To promote excellence in Clinical and Community based Nursing Practice, and Research.

To produce sets of students at both basic and post basic levels who are academically sound, morally justified and professionally impeccable.

The department has four schools, namely:

  • School of Nursing, Ife Hospital Unit, Ile-Ife
  • School of Nursing, Wesley Guild Hospital, Ilesa
  • School of Midwifery, Wesley Guild Hospital, Ilesa
  • School of Perioperative Nursing, Ife Hospital Unit, Ile-Ife

The department runs basic nursing, (3 year-course), Post Basic Midwifery education (18 month-course) and Post Basic Perioperative Nursing Programme (1 year course) respectively.


The schools are centrally run by the Deputy Director of Nursing Education, through Unit Principals and Vice Principals Administration and Academic of the schools. Each school operates independently and interdependently within the frame work of uniformed and unified educational and administrative policies which are centrally coordinated by the Deputy Director, Nursing Education.

In addition, for the smooth running of all the activities of the Schools, the office of Deputy Director constituted Central Committees and sub-departments

The Sub-department are:-

General studies; Nursing Specialties studies, Med/Surgical Nursing, Maternal and Child Health Nursing, Basic Sciences and Perioperative Nursing. Each of these departments has Head of Department who works directly with the office of the Deputy Director, Nursing Education.


  • School of Nursing, IHU, Ile-Ife - 114 students
  • School of Nursing, WGH, Ilesa - 115 students
  • School of Midwifery, Ilesa - 54 students
  • School of Perioperative Nursing, IHU, Ife - 31 students


The staff of the schools include:

  • 28 Registered Nurse Tutors
  • 1 English Teacher
  • 8 Clinical Instructors
  • 1 Confidential Secretary
  • 4 Typists
  • 5 Clerical Staff
  • 2 Home Sisters


  1. The DDNE under the auspice of OAUTHC Management, (OAUTHC Nursing and Midwifery Entrance Examination Committee), organizes and conducts Entrance Examination/Selection-interview for candidates into the four schools
  2. Adapts Basic Nursing Education, and Post Basic Midwifery and Perioperative Nursing Curricular to the training of students.
  3. Plans Calendar of Events per programme and implement accordingly.
  4. Conducts classroom and demonstration room teaching utilizing the available audio-visual aids.
  5. Plans and supervises clinical teachings at out-patient and in-patient clinical settings.
  6. Plans and organizes short and long distance field trips for students.
  7. Plans and organizes students for both Urban and rural postings.
  8. Harmonizes the training of students in accordance to the three basic functions of Federal Teaching Hospitals.
  9. Charges the care of students through the Home sisters; School Hostel Committee and OAUTHC Hostel Management Committee.
  10. As a member of top Management, the Deputy director of Nursing Education presents the vision and mission of the institution in coordinating the activities within the Department and with other arms of Nursing such as community Health Nursing Services and Clinical Services.
  11. Has representatives in various institutional and professional Committees towards the upliftment of Nursing Profession and the Institution at large.
  12. Organizes and participates in educational and co-curricular activities such as Nigerian Association of Schools of Nursing and Midwifery Games and Florence Nightingale Speech Contest towards attaining the three basic objectives of education; acquisition of knowledge, skills and right attitude. Up-to-date their performances have been excellent.
  13. Evaluates students both theoretically and practically.
  14. Organizes capping ceremony for new students and graduation/induction ceremonies at the end of the training.
  15. Interacts with both governmental and non-governmental organizations within Nigeria and outside as implied by training.
  16. Registers and presents students for the various qualifying examinations organized by NURSING AND MIDWIFERY COUNCIL OF NIGERIA.
  17. The Deputy Director, Nursing Education is accountable to the Chairman, Medical Advisory Committee and the Chief Medical Director.

O. A. Lawal (Mrs.)
Deputy Director,
Head of Nursing Education