Welcome to General Administration

Mr. OlubodunThe General Administration Department is one of the Departments in the Directorate of Administration of the Institution.

The Department services and co-ordinates the activities of the following Committees and Sub-Committees of the Board and Management:

  • Finance and General Purposes Committee of the Board
  • Management Tenders Board
  • Evaluation Sub-Committee of the Tenders Board
  • Procurement Planning Committee
  • Board of Survey
  • Uniform Committee
  • Hostel Management Committee
  • Housing Sub-Committee
  • Any other assignment


The Committee meets quarterly (whenever a Board of Management is in place) and takes care of policy matters on finance and procurements. It considers the awards of contracts up to a limit prescribed in the guideline which is nationally approved for public procurement. The Chairman of the Management Board serves as the Chairman of the Committee.

Prior to the Procurement Act 2007, the Committee examined all contract matters, which values exceeded the financial limit of the Chief Executive. But since the establishment of the Procurement Act 2007, the committee serves in a supervisory capacity, examining the financial situation in the institution in order to ensure that due process had been followed in the procurement and acquisition of goods, works and services.


The Management Tenders Board is a statutory organ through which awards of contracts exceeding the approving limit of the Accounting Officer/ Chief Medical Director is processed. The Tenders Board is chaired by the Chief Medical Director with the heads of relevant departments as members while the head of General Administration/ Deputy Director (Procurement) is the Secretary. The Tenders Board holds its meetings regularly or as may be directed by the Chairman. The decisions made at the meeting of this board are normally presented to the Finance & General/Tenders purposes Committee for ratification.

By Circular No. SGF/OP/1/s.3/VIII/57 of 11th March, 2007, the Federal Government approved the review of existing guidelines and thresholds governing the procurement of goods, works and services and the composition of the Tenders board for Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs). Find below a table of the procurement threshold:

Procurement Approval Thresholds for Bureau of Public Procurement, Tenders Boards and Accounting Officers (PSs and CEOs) for all Ministries, Departments and Agencies

Approving Authority Goods Civil Works Non-Consultant Services Consultant Services
BPP issues From #100m and above From #1.0billion and above #100m and above #100m and above
Ministerial Tender Board #5m and above but less than #100m #10m and above but less than #1.0 Billion #5m and above but less than #100m #5m and above but less than #100m
Parastalai Tender Board #2.50m and above but less than #50m #5m and above but less than #250m #2.50m and above but less than #50m #2.50m and above but less than #50m
Accounting Officer: Permanent Secretary Less than #5m Less than #10m Less than #5m Less than #5m
Accounting Officer: Director General/CEO Less than #2.50m Less than #5m Less than #2.50m Less than #2.50m


In cases where there are needs for Pre-qualification of Contractors/Suppliers and thorough analysis of items to be procured, it is the responsibility of this Sub-Committee to evaluate bids (Financial/Technical) of the prospective Contractors/Suppliers and to make recommendations to the Management Tenders Board on the basis of the evaluation exercise. Such recommendations can be modified, rejected or approved as deemed fit by the Tenders Board.

The Committee is headed by the Secretary to the Management Tenders Board who is also the Head of General Administration Department/Deputy Director (Procurement).


This Committee is responsible for undertaking and co-coordinating all detailed procurement activities within the Hospital. The Chief Medical Director is automatically the Chairman of the Committee while the Head, General Administration Department serves as the scribe of the Committee.

The functions of the Committee include:

  1. receiving procurement requests from originating Officers through the Chief Medical Director;
  2. checking that the proposed procurement is within the approved procurement plan and that budgeted funds were available prior to the commencement of procurement proceedings;
  3. co-coordinating the preparation of specifications, terms of reference, Bills of quantities, drawings, shortlists, advertisements, pre-qualification, tenders or request for quotation documents;
  4. placement of advertisement in National Dailies/Notice Boards depending on the size and scope of the project;
  5. receipt of both technical and financial bids within a period of six (6) weeks as provided by the Procurement Act of 2007;
  6. co-coordinating the Opening of bids at the expiration of six (6) weeks advertisement period;


The Department provides the Secretariat to the Board of Survey which coordinates the disposal of obsolete and unserviceable items of the Institution such as old vehicles, medical and non-medical equipment items, etc. Its recommendation is subject to Management approval.


The Department administratively handles several matters and problems relating to the issue of uniforms for members of staff.


The Department through the Committee inspects and collates complaints found in various hostels and processes such for Management’s consideration.


This is a Sub-Committee that is responsible for the allocation/maintenance of accommodation to eligible members of staff including Resident Doctors and House Officers.

Apart from all the above, the Department also co-ordinates the activities of the underlisted units

  1. Security Unit
  2. Fire Safety Unit
  3. Transport Unit of the Institution.


The Security Unit of this Institution is basically responsible for the safety of lives and properties of OAUTHC staff and patients, hence, the unit coordinates the security activities in the following fields

(i) 	Prevention and detection of crime.
(ii)	Preservation of peace.
(iii)	Apprehension of offenders.
(iv)	Protection of life and property.
(v)	Maintenance of Management policies and civil service rules
(vi)	Control and regulation of Traffic within the Institution.

The Head of the Security Unit is responsible to the Deputy Director (General Administration) on all matters of security within the Hospital. He coordinates the activities of all security staff in the Institution and gives security reports to the Deputy Director (General Administration) who in turn reports to the Management.


The Chief Fire Officer who is in charge of the Unit is also responsible to the General Administration Department. The function of the Fire Unit is to ensure that staffs of the Institution comply with all fire safety measures in order to forestall any fire outbreak within the Institution. The Unit is also responsible for combating any fire incident that occurs within and outside the Hospital.


The Chief Driver who is in charge of the Unit is responsible to the General Administration Department. He handles requests and applications for official use of vehicles. All requests for the use of vehicles must be approved by the Deputy Director (GA) on behalf of the Management.


It also performs other ad-hoc functions as may be assigned from time to time by the Management and the Management Board.


The members of staff in General Administration Department are listed below;

  1. Mr. T.A. Olubodun               -   Deputy Director (General Administration).
  2. Mr. Gbenga Afolabi             -   Chief Administrative Officer.
  3. Mrs. Boladale Owotade      -   Administrative Officer I.
  4. Mr. Ayo Akinbo                       -   Administrative Officer I.
  5. Mrs. O.O Akamo                   -   Administrative Officer II.
  6. Mr. O.M Akinleye                   -   Administrative Officer II.
  7. Mrs. S.A Akinpelumi            -   Assistant Chief Confidential Secretary.
  8. Mr. E.A. Eniayekan               -   Senior Executive Officer.
  9. Mr. M.A Adeagbo                   -   Higher Executive Officer.
  10. Mrs. O.Y. Adeniyi                   -   Higher Executive Officer.
  11. Mr. M.O. Olasoji                     -   Assistant Executive Officer.
  12. Mr. O.J. Adeyemi                   -   Chief Secretariat Assistant.
  13. Mr. S.A Ishola                         -   Chief Secretariat Assistant.
  14. Mrs. E.A. Popoola                  -   Secretariat Assistant I.
  15. Mrs. O.B. Oni                          -   Clerical Officer.
  16. Mr. Fatai Amusan                   -   Head, Transport Unit.
  17. Mr. Bayo Ashafa                      -   Head, Security Unit.
  18. Mr. O.O. Oloya                         -   Head, Fire Unit.