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The Family Medicine Department is as old as the institution itself. It was initially referred to as General Medical Practice department but it evolved into the department of Family Medicine as a service providing and training department. The department of Family Medicine was first accredited for postgraduate residency training in 1991. The department functions in the Wesley Guild Hospital, Ilesa unit and the Ife Hospital Unit. It serves as the first point of contact for most of the patients who present to these hospital units. Clinical Services in the Family Medicine department of the OAUTHC, Ile-Ife include routine office consultations and procedures, in-patient observation, pre-placement medical examinations, adolescent health services, geriatric health services, home-based care and after-hours services.

In addition, the department also coordinates primary care services in the rural and remote community of Imesi-ile where Prof David Morley (Late) carried out his landmark research on children in the sixties. The famous road to health chart by the WHO was a product of that initiative. The philosophy of the unit revolves around holistic patient-centered care, using the biopsychosocial model of care.

The department is involved in postgraduate residency training and research activities and has trained twenty two (22) Family Physicians over the years. Presently, the department has eight (8) Family Physician Consultants who are also trainers.

The Family Medicine Clinics are located in the General Outpatients Departments (GOPD) of the Hospital units.

  1. The Family Medicine Clinic of the Ife Hospital Unit is located adjacent to the administrative block in phase I of the hospital.
  2. The Family Medicine Clinic of the Wesley Guild Hospital Unit (WGH) is located on the first floor of the Multi-clinic building.
  3. The staff Clinic of the Ife Hospital Unit (IHU) is located near the surgical outpatient Clinic in phase II of the hospital.
  4. The Staff Clinic for WGH is located within the Multi-clinic building.
  5. The Family Medicine Department also has the Pearson Resource Centre in Wesley Guild Hospital Unit, built in honour of the late Dr Andrew Pearson, the founding father of General Practice training in Nigeria
  6. The Geriatric Clinic located beside the School of Midwifery Wesley Guild Hospital, Ilesa.
  7. Pearson Family Medicine Resource Centre, opposite School of Nursing, Wesley Guild Hospital, Ilesa.

Days/hours of operation

The Family Medicine and Staff Clinics open to all patients from 8.00am to 4.00pm on Mondays to Fridays. The Family Medicine Clinics however open on Saturdays and Sundays between 8.00am to 3.30pm for dressing of wounds of outpatients. After hours / call services provided by the by the department, begins after 4.00pm till 8am and is provided within the adult Accident and Emergency block in IHU and Multi-clinic building in WGH.

Clinic Services

    1. Outpatient Consultation
    2. Staff Consultation
    3. Counselling
    4. Health Education
    5. Minor Surgical procedures
    6. Wound care for outpatients
    7. Periodic Health Examination
    8. Medical fitness Certification
    9. Geriatric Clinic
    10. Wellness Clinic

Consultant Staff of the department

  1. Dr. Bello I. S. – Head of Department, IHU.
  2. Dr. Oyegbade O. O. – Academic/Training Coordinator. WGH.
  3. Dr. Olowookere S. A. – IHU.
  4. Dr. Ogundokun A.O. – IHU.
  5. Dr. Omisore B. – WGH.
  6. Dr. Fakoya O. O. – WGH.
  7. Dr. Adewole T. O. – IHU.
  8. Dr. Ismail W. O. – WGH.

Instructions for new patients

    1. New patients should endeavour to be at GOPD of respective units by 7.00 am 8.00am to facilitate ease of payment and early consultation.
    2. They should register in person, registration by proxy is not allowed.
    3. Old/Returning patients should keep their reference cards and present it at each clinic visit to ensure continuity of care and proper documentation
    4. Appointments should be strictly adhered to.
    5. All patients should ensure COVID-19 guideline
    6. Protocols
      1. - Proper use of facemasks
      2. - Social Distancing
      3. - Regular Hand Sanitizing and washing

Dr. Bello Ibrahim S. MBBS, FMCGP, MPH(Liverpool)

Chief Consultant Family Physician,
Head, Department of Family Medicine.




  • Community Health Officers’ Training Programme.
  • Darkroom Technicians and Assistants Course.
  • School of Health Information Management
  • Schools of Nursing, Midwifery and Peri-operative Nursing.
  • Residency Training Programme