Welcome to Pharmacy Department

The Pharmacy Department of OAUTHC has been in existence since the inception of the hospital and has been performing various pharmaceutical services as required by the hospital.

The department has continually been expanding her scope of operation as the hospital grows also. The department operates majorly on the Drug Revolving Fund policy of the Federal Government of Nigeria and we make bold to say that it is one of the few Tertiary hospitals where the Drug Revolving Fund Scheme is still surviving in Nigeria.

Following the mission of the hospital, the Pharmacy department’s mission statement is “to provide high quality pharmaceutical care to our patients in an atmosphere of educational growth, shared respect and communication”. Therefore in line with the above, the various activities and services carried out by the pharmacy department can be broadly grouped as follows:-

  1. Drug Procurement and Drug Supplies Management: This involves procurement of high quality drugs, Stock Control and Issuance of drugs to various units of the department for dispensing to patients in line with the Essential Drug List of the hospital and the Drug Revolving Fund guidelines.
  2. Theatre Services: This section takes care of all activities that have to do with all the Theatres through the Anaesthetics and Antiseptics Revolving Fund, Emergency and Theatre Packs Revolving Fund.
  3. Specialised Pharmacy Services: Which takes care of compounding Extemporaneous preparations and individual specialized preparation as well as services to Oncology and Haematology patients e.g Burkitt’s Lymphoma, GIPAP, HIV Patients.
  4. Pharmacovigilance and Drug Information Ser vices: Which takes care of Adverse Drug Reactions and liaises with the pharmacovigilance unit in Abuja as well as disseminate information to clients and other health providers and carry out therapeutic drug monitoring.

Olutayo Adetokunbo MORONKEJI

Head of Department
Deputy Director (Pharm. Servies)