The department of Haematology and Blood Transfusion came into being in 1980 when the hitherto single department of Pathology was split into four separate departments of Haematology and Blood Transfusion, Chemical Pathology, Medical Microbiology and Parasitology and Morbid Anatomy.

The department is made up of two units situated in Ile-Ife (Ife Hospital Unit) and Ilesa (Wesley Guild Hospital Unit). It provides routine and specialized clinical and laboratory services to the two hospitals and neighbouring Health Institutions in Osun, Ondo and Ekiti states.

For administrative convenience and accountability, the main laboratory is subdivided into three sub-units each under the supervision of an Assistant Director. The sub-units are: General Haematology headed by Mr. O.A. Alabi, Special Investigations Unit headed by Mr. T. Oduola, and the Blood Transfusion unit headed by Mrs. A.B. Adegunloye.


Consultant Haematologists

1. Prof. M.A. Durosinmi		FMCPath; FWACP (Lab. Med.);
2. Dr. (Mrs.) N.O. Akinola	Diploma in Haematology (Lond); PhD (Birm); FMCP; FMCPath; 
3. Dr. L. Salawu			FMCPath; FWACP (Lab. Med.); MSc (Senior Lecturer)   
4. Dr A.A. Oyekunle 		FMCPath (Lecturer I)
5. Dr R.A. Bolarinwa		FMCPath (Lecturer I)


Resident Haematologists

1.  Dr J.C. Aneke			
2.  Dr T.O. Owojuyigbe		
3.  Dr P.O. Osho 			
4.  Dr. (Mrs.) C.L. Uche		
5.  Dr (Mrs.) B.Y. Alabi 		
6.  Dr (Mrs.) S.B. Adelasoye			
7.  Dr A.T. Oyelese			
8.  Dr D.D. Ogbaro			
9.  Dr (Mrs.) K.J. Olufemi-Aworinde 
10. Dr A.D. Ajibade

Medical Laboratory Scientists

1.  Mrs. O.O. Uchegbu	  AIMLS; FIMLS, MPA Deputy Director                                  
2.  Mrs. A.B. Adegunloye	  AIMLS; FIMLS, MMLS Assistant Director
3.  Mr. F.K. Adesanya	  AIMLS; FIMLS, MPA Assistant Director (WGH Unit)         
4.  Mr. O.A. Alabi		  AIMLS; MPA Assistant Director
5.  Mr. T. Oduola		  AIMLS; FIMLS Assistant Director 
6.  Mrs. G.A. Oni 		  AIMLS; FIMLS Assistant Director (WGH Unit)
7.  Mr. A.D. Afariogun	  AIMLS; FIMLS, PGD Assistant Director
8.  Mr. H.A. Muraina	  AIMLS Assistant Director
9.  Mr. S.O. Elujoba         AIMLS Chief MLS (WGH Unit)
10. Mrs. R.O. Orisatoberu	  AIMLS; FIMLS SMLS
11. Mr A.F. Adetunji	  AMLS SMLS (WGH Unit)
12. Mr. A. Awe		  AIMLS MLS I
13. Mr. A.A. Ademosu 	  AMLS MLS I
14. Miss O.O. Akinjole 	  AMLS MLS I
15. Mrs. T.O. Niyi-Fadipe 	  AMLS MLS I (WGH Unit)
16. Mrs T.R. Olaniyi-Gabriel AMLS MLS I (WGH Unit)


1. General Haematology

Routine and special haematology tests, including CD4+ cell count and bone marrow iron study are available.

2. Serology Unit:

Blood group serological tests are available, including Du test, antibody identification and titration. The type of anticoagulant used in blood banking is CPD-A. All prospective donors are screened for microfilaria, syphilis hepatitis B and C and HIV infections before donating. Blood products preparation (platelet concentrate, fresh frozen plasma) and paternity testing are routinely carried out in this Unit.

3. Special Investigation Unit:

This unit handles tests such as coagulation assays, G6PD screening, demonstration of LE cells, Hams test, haemoglobin electrophoresis, osmotic fragility test, tests for fibrinolytic activity, Rheumatoid factor assay, sucrose lysis test, among others, when requested for.

4. Plasma RNA viral load:

for HIV infection is now available at the Institute of Human Virology Nigeria (IHVN) laboratory within the hospital. Commercial preparations and standards/controls (positive and negative) are used when appropriate for internal quality control.

5. Tissue Typing Laboratory:

In conjunction with Renal Unit of the hospital, a tissue typing laboratory has been set up to aid with the Transplant Programme of the hospital. The laboratory is manned by two Consultants with appropriate training in tissue typing.

6. Cytogenetic Laboratory:

A cytogenetic laboratory is currently in place and is being manned by a competent Cytogeneticist.

Clinical and Academic Programmes: The clinical programme consists of:

  1. Haemato-Oncology Clinics occur once a week at Ife (Thursdays with more than 30 patients) and Ilesha (Mondays with about 10 patients).
  2. Consultant Ward Rounds occur once a week (up to10 medical and 3-5 paediatric beds).
  3. Slide Review is done routinely on Mondays or whenever there are interesting slides.
  4. Seminars once a week
  5. Journal Club once a week
  6. Joint clinicopathological ground rounds twice a month
  7. Clinical Meetings in conjunction with Medicine once a month
  8. Structured Postgraduate Programme update/revision courses

Postgraduate Training:

The department has trained many doctors and has assisted other Institutions with the training of their doctors to become specialists Haematologists. The department is also involved in the training of medical laboratory science interns and fellowship programme.


The Consultants in this Department are actively involved in meaningful research in areas such as:

Sickle cell disorders;
Malignant lymphoma and leukaemia;
Blood transfusion practices;
CD4+/CD8+ cells count in health and disease;
Immuno-haematological disorders