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The Community Health Nursing is a division of the Nursing department in Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital Complex.

The division is charged with the provision of Primary Health Care concepts at the Local Government Level which is the main focus of the National Health system.

Community /Public health practice is a field of nursing practice for which there exist a body of knowledge and related skills applied in meeting the health needs of individual, families and communities, it focuses its attention through organized community effort in serving people in their usual environments at home, schools and workplace. Public /community health practice is concerned with well people, sick and disabled. It strives to prevent disease or retard its progress, to reduce the ill effects of unavoidable disease, to provide skilled nursing care for the non-hospitalised sick, handicapped, to support those facing crisis situations and to provide information and encouragement to individual families, special groups and the community as a whole for the development and practice of habits conducive to health.

The division is composed of primary Health Care Centre/Facilities which are.

  1. Urban Comprehensive Health Centre, Eleyele, Ile-Ife
  2. Multipurpose Primary Health Centre, Ilesa
  3. Rural Comprehensive Health Centre, Imesi-Ile
  4. Immunization Clinic, Community Health Units Wesley Guild Hospital, Ilesa

The division derives its objective from the institution main vision and mission of service based on.

  1. Teaching
  2. Service
  3. Research


  1. Provision of comprehensive Primary Health Care services to the Communities and outside the state of our location
  2. The Establishment and execution of integral institutions and community based health care services.
  3. Active Collaboration with the third tier of government in the implementation of Primary Health Care
  4. The Provision and creation of qualitative teaching/learning environment for the various categories of health personnel.

The concept and implementation of integrated health care delivery system has been firmly established in the four health centres run by the department this has been made possible by the commitment and cohesiveness of the health team.

The four health facilities of the department continue to collaborate with at least eight Local Governments in Osun State.

The Urban Comprehensive Health Centre Ile-Ife serve the Ife South, Ife North, Ife East, and Ife Central. Ife East area of office. Oriade and Ayedade Local Governments area in Osun State.

The Wesley Guild Hospital and Multipurpose Primary Health Centre, Ilesa serves Ilesa East and West Local Government while Rural Comprehensive Health Centre Imesi-Ile serve Obokun Local Government.

All the centres are statutory immunization centres and staff participate actively during National State and the Local Government Immunization Boosters Day Programmes.


The activities of this division are tailored to achieve the stated objectives which are both facility and community based. The nature of their activities are promotive, preventive curative and rehabilitative.

Except for welfare clinic at Wesley Guild Hospital. Ilesa the other three (3) health centres operate three system, thereby giving 24 hours health services even at weekends and public holidays, while the clinic based activities are 12 hours services both morning and afternoon shift.

The health centres in the division integrated health care where all essential health services are rendered on daily basis and under the same roof at the same time.

Striving to determine most effective use of available resources to provide the health care, supportive network for the communities of service, priority and supplementary services system are provided.


  1. General out patients clinic for all age groups i.e adult and sick infant plus under fives clinics for diagnosis and treatment
  2. Maternity services including family planning
  3. Health Education on Prevailing Health Issues
  4. Child Welfare Growth Monitoring and Immunization Clinic
  5. School Health Services.
  6. Nutrition
    • Food Demonstration and Nutrition Rehabilitation Clinic for Protein Energy Malnutrition
    • P.E.M) Marasmus and Obesity.
    • Training of food vendors.
  7. Simple surgery /wound dressing
  8. Training of all categories of students of the health institution
  9. Oral health
  10. Environmental Health.
  11. Diarrhea treatment unit. ORS/SSS Demonstration.
  12. HIV Screening and counselling


  • Adolescent Health
  • Field Work: Home visiting, Market visit, Hospital visit, a Care finding, Contract tracing and follow up of cases.
  • Administering meetizan for prevention of onchocerciasis.
  • Administering of antlehelmimtic to all ages for deworming
    1. Health Screening services for:
      1. Well women of reproductive age
      2. Hypertension
      3. Diabetes
      4. Tuberculosis
    2. Club formation: To impact adequate knowledge into self management and health promotion care.
    3. Behavioral Health care on:
      1. Alcoholics
      2. Drug dependence
      3. Child Abuse

Senior members of Nursing personnel in the division act as Technical advisers to some Local Government on Primary Health Care matters when need arises.

The division is dynamic, so also are the activities being rendered by the personnel. Our watch word is “A stitch in time saves nine” – As definitely prevention is much better and cheaper than cure.

Mrs.Apata Joke Munirat

Deputy Director/Head




  • Community Health Officers’ Training Programme.
  • Darkroom Technicians and Assistants Course.
  • School of Health Information Management
  • Schools of Nursing, Midwifery and Peri-operative Nursing.
  • Residency Training Programme