Important information on Stemming the Coronavirus Pandemic

The management of the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex, Ile-Ife as part of her responsibility to sensitize the hospital community and the general public on the coronavirus pandemic is compelled to pass the following information across which should assist in the fight against the highly contagious infection.

A. Efforts made so far

  1. Sensitization of members of staff had been carried out in IHU and WGH about 3 week ago. The hospital infectious disease response committee continues to meet and to strategize on the way forward.
  2. Stations for thorough hand washing have been established in strategic locations in the hospital.
  3. Regular disinfecting of walls and surfaces of furniture on regular basis

B. Provisions Made

  1. Purchase of Personal Protective Equipment
  2. Purchase of N.95 Nose Guards
  3. Purchase of automatic dispensers for sanitizers
  4. Purchase of sanitizers and local production already started in the hospital

C. Current Strategies

  1. Within the hospital
    1. The management has put in place automatic dispensers and personal protectiveequipment to curtail the spread of the infection.
    2. Clinics are to begin to practise timed appointments for patients. On no account should there be more than thirty (30) patients/clients at any clinic or service delivery area per time.
    3. Overcrowding should be avoided at the Children and Adult Accident & Emergency units at every time as this can lead to the spread of the disease.
    4. Points of first contact within the hospital which include but not limited to the Accident and Emergency units, various clinics and service delivery points should until further notice discourage non-urgent cases presenting for medical attention to avoid unnecessary spread of the virus. The most senior health practitioner in the affected units/ clinics should in conjunction with their use their initiative to determine the cases considered as non-urgent
    5. The management advises that performance of non-life threatening elective surgeries should be postponed or reduced to the barest minimum in the hospital until the coronavirus pandemic abates. Emphasis should be placed on emergency surgeries.
    6. Cash points and Pharmacy outlets are to discourage the clustering of patients waiting to pay for drugs, pick drugs and for the performance of other services
    7. Visitors to patients within the hospital is strongly discouraged until the pandemic abates. Meanwhile this is limited to one (1) visitor per patient at any time. In addition, social gatherings in halls and event centres within the hospital are suspended till further notice.
    8. In suspected cases, the following decisions, in collaboration with Osun State Ministry of Health have been put in place.
      1. Holding bay in OAUTHC (IHU)
      2. Isolation wards in Osogbo
      3. Treatment wards in Osogbo
  2. Communication/ Dissemination of Information
    1. (1) For the purpose of efficient and effective communication the following mobile lines would serve as a means of
      1. reporting of incidences of suspected coronavirus cases
      2. (b) notifying the hospital patient that may need urgent medical attention outside the given appointments.
        Mobile lines: 08037184015, 08037211457 and 08064462319.
    2. Radio and television announcements are being made periodically on the strategies for containing the spread of the virus
      1. by advising the patients with non urgent medical conditions to stay away from the hospital in order to avoid overcrowding. Any gathering above fifty (50) people should be avoided.
      2. by sensitization on proper hygiene and safe practices that should be embraced by everyone at every given time.
  3. School Closure
    Schools within the hospital shall be closed forthwith until further notice is given for their reopening.

These measures are put in place for the safety of staff and patients. We are committed to utilizing all avenues of curtailing the incidence of the spread of this infection to the best of our ability. These strategies would be reviewed periodically until we overcome this health challenge. Heads of Departments and Units Heads should work out the modus operandi of these strategies for effective implementation.

Thank you

Dr. A. M. Owojuyigbe
Ag. Chairman, Medical Advisory Committee
For: Chief Medical Director